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Laminoitu painettu joustava pakkaus BOPP PET PE CPP kalvorullan leikkauskone

The SLC series slitter rewinder machine is dedicated to cut flexible packaging material from big width roll to narrow width rolls which can feed into automatic packaging machine,pouch forming machine. It has perfect slitting rewinding performance of laminated foil,plastic film(bopp opp pet pe pvc),paper rolls,label sticker paper,and so on roll material.

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The SLC series model slitter rewinder machine is designed to convert packaging material rolls for flexible packaging industry. It always appears at the same time with the rotogravure printing machine and the solvent-less laminating machine in the plastic packaging material rolls manufacturer factories. It was equipped with international brand electric control parts and reasonable mechanical structure.

1.The SLC series slitter rewinder machine stable running speed is 500 to 600 meters per minute.
2.Siemens PLC control the machine running system.
3.Total four sets servo motors installed in the machine. Unwinding unit tension independent controlled by the servo motor. The two rewinding shaft also driven by two independent servo motors which ensure the better rewinding tension controls and reach better rewinding rolls quality.
4.The mother roll loading system adopt the pneumatic shaft less chucks. The unloading system has the pusher device to unload the finished material rolls to the turret. It is easy to operate the machine by only one person.
5.The machine have two types slitting unit,razor knives and circle knives for various material rolls. They are optional. You also can have both in one machine.
6.The machine rewinding shaft adopt the multi function and high precision pneumatic friction shaft,which has better rewinding tension control performance.
7.It is equipped with the splice table. Operator can convenient to connect material web.

Web Guider Controller By Taiwan BrandWeb Edge And Printing Line Detector Sensor
Pneumatic Unwinder With Servo MotorSplicer-taulukko
Automatic Unloading PusherPneumatic Friction Rewinding Shaft
Finished Rolls In TurretGroove Roller And Razor Slitting Knives

What materials are SLC slitting and rewinding machines used for slitting?

The SLC model slitting rewinding machine was designed by Binbao machinery. It is mainly used to convert printed,laminated plastic film rolls into custom width rolls in the flexible packaging industry,such as PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC,BOPP,laminated film material,self adhesive label and so on. These plastic film or laminated film rolls are widely used to make various type label or wrapping sugar,salt,tea,wipes,milk powder,medical,food,candy packaging,PVC shrink label film for bottle water label,beverage bottle label,BOPP laminated film roll for food pouch.

插图-1Plastic Snack Packaging Film Rolls插图-2 PET Plastic Film Roll For Potato Chips Packaging
Plastic Snack Packaging Film Rolls PET Plastic Film Roll For Potato Chips Packaging
插图-3 Water Bottle Label Film Roll插图-4 Laminated BOPP Film Rolls For Food Pouch
 Water Bottle Label Film Roll Laminated BOPP Film Rolls For Food Pouch

What are the differences and advantages of the SLC model film rolls slitting and rewinding machine compared with the paper jumbo slitting and rewinding machine?

SLC series model is specially developed for the film flexible packaging and label industry according to the characteristics of the BOPP,PVC,PET,OPP,PE,laminated film and foil material rolls.Films are thinner than paper rolls. For the same diameter roll, the length of the film roll is much longer than the length of the paper roll.In order to increase the slitting speed, the speed of the SLC model slitter rewinder can be up to 600 meters per minute.The cutting system is different. The SLC series model machine adopts razor flat blade to cut material,but the paper roll slitting rewinding machine adopts the round blade. The rewinding shafts are different. Plastic film rolls should be rewind in the friction shaft with slipping balls. This type shaft can better and separately control rewinding rolls tension. In the flexible packaging industry,these film rolls are normally printed with logo and patterns. So SLC series model machine adopts photocell sensor web guider system. In addition to these aspects, the position of the rollers of the SLC model slitting and rewinding machine, the angle of feeding pathway are many difference compared with those of the paper rolls slitting machine.

插图-5 Flat Razor BladeFlat Razor Blade

插图-6 Photocell Sensor For Web Guider插图-7 Friction Shaft For Rewinding
Photocell Sensor For Web GuiderFriction Shaft For Rewinding

What is differential friction shaft? Why the differential friction shaft can ensure the rewinding quality?

Differences in material thickness and winding tension often arise when rewinding foils, laminates, plastics and other materials. When rewinding smaller rolls on the same rewind shaft these variations can result in different lengths and tension. After only a few rotations, the centre of some small rolls may be too tight, while others are looser, making the quality of the end product unacceptable.
A Differential Rewind Friction Shaft overcomes these issues by maintaining proper tension on all rolls throughout the winding operation. This ensures the web material does not sag, stretch, or tear and the rolls are uniformly wound. In order to perform the constant “slip differential” function, the centre shaft is required to rotate at a higher rate than the Differential Friction Rings. All of the cores are required to slip continuously, however, some will slip more than others in order to maintain the same tension. Control of the slippage and the web tension is achieved by varying the air supply to the centre shaft, so a constant air supply needs to be available, ideally between 20 and 60 psi (1 – 4 Bar). As the roll size increase during the winding process, the speed of the Differential Shaft needs to be decreased in order to maintain the same over speed rate.
The Friction Rings are available in a very wide variety of diameters from 50mm Diameter up to over 400mm Diameter. The Inside diameter of the Friction Rings depends on the diameter of shaft which you currently used, and in most instances we can supply the rings to suit your existing shaft.

插图-8 Friction Rings插图-9 Differential Friction Shaft Structure
 Friction Rings Differential Friction Shaft Structure

What material is cut with a circular blade knife? What material is cut with razor blade knife?

What type of slitting knife to use depends on the thickness of the material. If the material is foil,laminated plastic film,printed flexible film with less than 20 micron thickness,we normally adopt the razor blade as slitting knife.The circular blade knife is used to cut laminated paper,general paper,coating paper,self adhesive label paper and so on material.

How many motors does the SLC series slitting rewinding machine have?

There are four motors in the model machine. Two motors used to individual rewinding two shafts. The web material feeding is driving by one motor. The forth motor control the mother roll unwinding tension.

插图-10 Motor For Unwinder插图-11 Frequency Inverters
 Motor For UnwinderTaajuusmuuttajat

How to unload finished rolls from the rewinding shafts?

Due to these friction rings can separately rolling in the shafts,finished rolls are difficult to unload. In order to save operators labour,we designed a pusher in the SLC model machine. It can automatically push finished rolls to the shelf. Operators can pack finished roll in the shelf during machine running.

插图-12 Unloading Pusher插图-13 Finished Rolls In The Shelf
Unloading Pusher
Finished Rolls In The Shelf

Does the SLC model machine have splicing equipment?

Yes,it has. The splicing equipment include two sticks and a platform. The sticks be controlled by cylinder to nip web material in the platform,then operators can easily connect new roll with web material in the machine.

插图-14 Splicing Equipment插图-15 Splicing Platform
 Splicing Equipment Splicing Platform

Can the SLC model machine automatically stop when it finish rewinding setting meters?

The SLC model machine controlled by Siemens PLC with intelligent program system. Machine can automatic count rewinding meters and stop according setting meters in the touch screen.

插图-16 Human Machine Interaction Touch ScreenHuman Machine Interaction Touch Screen

Which type web guider sensor does SLC model use?

It depends on your material characteristic. If the material is printed film,we suggest the sensor adopt the CCD photocell sensor which can detect edge and printing line. Transparent film material should use the infrared sensor. Ultrasonic sensor can be used for other material,such as blank paper,foil,laminated material and so on.

插图-17 Web Guider Sensor插图-18 Web Guider Controller Panel
Web Guider Controller Panel

Mallin nimi


Äidin rullan leveys (enintään)


Äidin rullan halkaisija (enintään)

800mm(1000mm,1400mm optional)

Äidin rullan painokapasiteetti


Kelausrullien halkaisija (enintään)


Kelausrullien leveys (min)


Ytimen koko

3/6inch(customize available)


12-150 mikronia


± 0.2mm


600m / min

Tapaus 1: Pulloveden ja juomien etikettirullat
Monet kuluttajatuotteet vaativat kalvotarroja, kuten pullotettua vettä ja erilaisia ​​juomia. Kalvotarrojen valmistukseen tarvitaan kalvonpuhalluskoneita, painokoneita, laminointikoneita, halkaisukoneita ja muita laitteita. Kalvotarran valmistajan on leikattava painettu kalvorulla asiakkaan tarvitsemalle leveydelle.

Tapaus 2: itseliimautuvat paperitarrapaperirullat, tarratarrat
Itseliimautuvia tarroja käytetään laajalti elämässämme, kuten punaviinitarroja, supermarkettien hintalappuja, ihonhoitotarroja ja niin edelleen. Itseliimautuvan päällystyskoneen leveys on yleensä yli 900 mm. Siksi itseliimautuvan valmistajan on leikattava suuret rullat pieniksi rulliksi. Koska leveysleikkauskone ja itsekiinnittyvien tarrojen painokone eivät ylitä 500 mm. Joten paperirulla pieniksi rulliksi, halkaisu, kelauskone käyttää jumbo -rullan muuntamiseen leveysrullien mukauttamiseen.

Tapaus 3: Laminoidut kalvorullat ruoan ja lääketieteellisen pussin valmistukseen
Tiiviyden ja säilyvyyden parantamiseksi monet elintarvike- ja lääkepakkaukset käyttävät komposiittimateriaaleja, kuten alumiinifolio- ja kalvokomposiittimateriaaleja sekä paperi- ja kalvokomposiittimateriaaleja. Komposiittimateriaalien suorituskyky paranee. Komposiittimateriaalien paksuus on kuitenkin yleensä epätasainen. Siksi komposiitti joustavat pakkausmateriaalit käyttävät liukurenkaiden kitka -akselin leikkauskonetta raaka -aineiden rullien leikkaamiseen.




1.Kuinka paljon pienimmän leveyden rullaa koneesi voi leikata ja kääntää?
Vastaus: Sarjakone voi tehdä vähintään 20 mm leveitä rullia

2.Olemme valmistamassa päällyspaperia itseliimautuvalle paperille ja piin päällystetylle elintarvikepakkauspaperille. Materiaali on erittäin liukasta ja sitä on vaikea kelata kapeiksi rulliksi. Kuinka ratkaiset ongelman?
Vastaus: Olemme toimittaneet ratkaisuja monille samanlaisille materiaalivalmistajien asiakkaille. Koneemme kohtuullinen rakenne ja ohjausjärjestelmä voivat estää materiaalin liukastumisen.

3.Joustava painokone tulostaa paperirullamme. Pystyykö koneen verkko -ohjain havaitsemaan tulostusmerkin viivan reunassa ja leikkaamaan reunan?
Vastaus: Kyllä, voimme käyttää CCD-tyyppistä anturia, jolla on kamera tulostuslinjan havaitsemiseen, ja lisäksi koneemme voi leikata ja puhaltaa jätteen reunan koneesta.

4.Olen paino- ja pakkausmateriaalien ja -laitteiden toimittaja Euroopassa. Onko sinulla CE -sertifiointi koneen mallille.
Vastaus: Kaikilla leikkauskoneilla on SGS-sertifioitu CE.

5.Minkä tyyppisiä kitkarenkaita käytät kelausakseleissa?
Vastaus: Hyväksymme eri tyyppisiä kitkarenkaita eri materiaaleille. Se riippuu materiaalin ominaisuuksista.

6.Kuinka kone purkaa nämä viimeistelyrullat?
Vastaus: Meillä on kahdenlaisia ​​purkutapoja. Yhden koneen mallin pitäisi purkaa rullat manuaalisesti. Toisessa mallissa on automaattinen purkujärjestelmä, järjestelmä voi työntää viimeistelyrullat akseleista sähköisen liikkuvan varren avulla.

7.Minulla on joitain vaatimuksia tuotteidemme käsittelystä? Voitko auttaa minua?
Vastaus: Meillä on ammattitaitoinen suunnittelutiimi, joka tarjoaa ratkaisuja vaatimusten mukauttamiseen. Tervetuloa ottamaan yhteyttä meihin ja keskustelemaan uusista ideoistasi.